We handle the accounting and financial management while you Grow your business

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A capable accounting team that looks after your finances allows your company to focus on its core business.

Why choose Grow?

Grow helps businesses grow by providing marketing, analytics and customer engagement tools to find new and retain existing customers.


We listen to your needs

We map the current accounting situation and create a plan on how to set up accounting according to needs.


We offer services in all Baltic countries

Our team has more than 40 capable specialists, all of whom have long-term experience and offer top-class international services.


We are innovative

Grow was the first 100 percent paperless accounting office in Estonia. We have a working e-invoice system and a digital archive working in parallel.


We make your business Grow

Based on what we agree on will emerge from the joint cooperation, and it will give you the freedom to focus on your company's core business.

Why 800 companies have chosen Grow?

High quality service

The quality of our financial services is always uncompromising, regardless of your company’s field of activity
or size.

Individual approach

Grow accountants know about 20 different programs and direct all their knowledge to our smallest clients as well.

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