Tax Consulting

Never rest on your laurels is a valuable advice. Like in sports, creative industries and other sectors, this rule is also valid in the field of finances. Due care is particularly important in taxation where regulations are often amended or supplemented.

A number of new tax laws entered into force in Estonia in 2018, resulting in a considerable shake-up of the local taxation field. Cooperation with Grow makes it easy for you to keep up with new developments in taxation.  

We offer the following services to help you understand the consequences of new laws and resolve any potential issues associated with legislative changes:

  • Brief consultations: We cover everything you may have wanted to know about taxes but have not dared to ask.  
  • Extended training: Taxation training courses for Master’s degree students at universities, managers in the private sector, and regular staff members.

We are very flexible. Consultations and training can be provided at our office (our seminar room accommodates up to 25 participants) or at your location. The price of the service is based on hourly rates.