Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) is a technology-driven process of analysing data to obtain the information needed to help managers and employees make better business decisions.

Comprehensive business intelligence enables a company to identify bottlenecks and gain a whole view of what is happening in the business, creating greater clarity and transparency in financial data.

We primarily use the Microsoft Power BI platform, which:

  • enables advanced data analysis,
  • can easily handle large data sets from different sources,
  • is able to create meaningful graphs and
  • is reasonably priced.

We design and build dashboards tailored to your specific needs and expectations, providing you with financial and management advice.

Expected results:

  • A better overview of business metrics. No need to constantly deal with data gathering and sorting, so you can focus more on strategy development and management decisions.
  • Automated processes. By aggregating different data sources and working in conjunction with accounting software, the need to manually collect data and generate reports is eliminated.
  • Effective presentation. The ability to create visually appealing charts and tables that are easy to present both internally and to external investors.
  • Simple collaboration. The Power BI platform makes it easy to share data between different users and devices.

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