Accounting firms around the world rely on an impressive array of software solutions. Each claims to be better than others and, undoubtedly, they all facilitate faster management of finances. But how would you choose the best?

Grow attaches significant importance to software security and data storage capabilities. We make every effort to ensure secure preservation of your sensitive financial information in our digital archive.

Grow uses more than ten software packages on a daily basis. On request, we can help you find the best solution for your company and offer advice on interfacing.

We are authorised to distribute the following software solutions:

Grow Finance - Directo raamatupidamisprogramm

In 2016, Grow was the number one reseller of Directo business software in Estonia;

Grow Finance-smart-accounts-majandustarkvaraAn online accounting software, which is affordable for smaller companies as well;

Grow Finance - raamatupidamise tarkvara

Developed internally, this software is available to our clients
free of charge.