Capital Raising

Whether it’s expanding or transforming a business, an acquisition or a change in capital structure

Capital can be in the form of equity, debt, or a convertible instrument with both debt and equity features. Assessing the best source of finance depends on factors such as terms and conditions for funding, risks or expected costs and benefits. Taking this into account, our first priority is to identify the appropriate capital structure and to define the sources to achieve it.

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How does Grow's capital raising work?

Bank financing is a crucial source of capital for businesses, providing funds for growth, operations, and investments in exchange for interest payments.


Investors play a pivotal role in the financial world, allocating capital into various assets, driving economic growth, and seeking returns on their investments.

Support measures

Support measures and funding programs are essential tools governments and organizations use to stimulate economic development and assist individuals and businesses.


Crowdfunding platforms enable individuals and businesses to raise capital by collecting small contributions from a large number of people, fostering innovation and entrepreneurship.

Other services

Financiers value partners that can provide sound financial data, supported by a clear business strategy and a clear articulation of the objectives, benefits and risks of funding.

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What does Grow's capital raising include?

Our capital raising service consists of the following activities:

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