Payroll service gives peace of mind

Payroll service is a seamless process that plays a vital role in running a business and ensuring employee satisfaction. The payroll service is based on the law, which is subject to change at any time. As salaries and wages depend on different laws, such as tax and labour laws, you need to keep an eye on any news and updates in this area to ensure a correct payroll service.
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Why to choose Grow for the payroll service?

Choosing an external partner for the payroll service means you can always use up-to-date and modern payroll software, be assured of a timely and accurate service, lawful processing of personal data, data confidentiality and a service that is based on the law.

Being accountable with changes in payroll

Payroll accounting is one of the most complex accounting processes, as it involves not only various changes in law and process updates, but also different types of remuneration, which you need to keep up to date with.

Professional payroll software

We use different software such as Navision(Palk365), Directo, SAF, Merit Palk, Scala, Taavi, Persoona etc. The final choice is made on the basis of the client’s requests and needs.

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What processes are involved in Grow's payroll service?

In addition to calculating salaries and wages and keeping an eye on legal amendments, the payroll service consists of various processes, such as:

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