Subsidy applicaion for COVID-19

Subsidy applicaion for COVID-19 can be started from 06.04.2020. The application must be submitted within 5 days of the payment of wages. The employer must pay a wage of at least €150 to the employee before the subsidy. The maximum amount of the subsidy is €1000.

Principles of paying the subsidy

The subsidy is paid, when an employer is in a situation where they comply with at least two of the following terms:

  •      The employer must have suffered at least a 30% decline in turnover or revenue for the month they wish to be subsidized for, as compared to the same month last year.
  •      The employer is not able to provide at least 30 % of their employees with work.
  •      The employer has cut the wages of at least 30% of employees by at least 30% or down to the minimum wage.


  •    The employer will be applying for the temporary subsidy, but it will be paid directly to the employees;
  •      The period between March to May 2020 can be subsidized, the employer can apply for 2 months of a single employee’s wage to be subsidized during that period;
  •      The employer will send a separate application to the Unemployment Insurance Fund per each month, after having paid the wages to their employees.
  •      If the employer terminates the contract with the employee due to redundancy in the course of the same or the following calendar month they have received the temporary subsidy, the subsidy is to be returned to the Unemployment Insurance Fund.

Applying for the temporary subsidy

The application can be submitted to the Unemployment Insurance Fund by an accountant, for which a member of the management board can authorize here.

You can read more on the website of the Unemployment Insurance Fund.

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