Should you outsource your company’s accounting or do it yourself?

One of the first questions a future company owner asks themselves is: “Should I outsource my company’s accounting or do it myself?”

Doing your own accounting is definitely a big advantage in cutting costs. Many companies decide to do it themselves at first, as they want to keep the entire business process under their control. However, as the company grows and develops, the manager often doesn’t have enough time for everything and either one of the activities or the entire business will suffer.



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Values of accounting service

Accounting service gives peace of mind. Having a professional accountant saves time, ensures that accounting is in order, advises, consults and adheres to the law, and also submits declarations and reports in a timely manner. By deciding to entrust accounting to professionals, a company manager can devote themselves fully to the achievement of their objective.

Successful business

In our current world, the focus of the future is successful entrepreneurship. In addition to skillful business activities, smart accounting, and quick decision-making are also important for consistent success.

A capable accounting team

We take care of your finances. A well-organized accounting service gives business managers the opportunity to see what is happening both inside and around the company.

Accounting as a tool

Correctly systematized accounting makes the company’s costs transparent, allowing the management to distinguish insignificant costs from important ones, and to notice inefficient activities.

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Why prefer the accounting service offered by Grow Finance?

Accounting service is much more than just accounting. In addition to the necessary monthly accounting operations, accounting also plays an important role in the overall business process.

Professionals are able to think along with you, advise you on your company’s financial situation, justify whether costs are necessary or not, make financial forecasts and advise you on tax issues. Keeping up to date with changes in law on a daily basis, extensive experience, knowledge of labour legislation and advanced use of accounting software, ensure excellence and a professional service.

  • Grow Finance aims to provide your company with the best and most versatile premium accounting service, which is supported by its membership in the international financial services association GGI Alliance.
  • As the first 100% paperless accounting firm in Estonia, we can confidently call ourselves a forward-looking, innovative company.
  • The quality of the accounting and financial services offered by Grow Finance is always professional, based on best practices, extensive experience and broad knowledge.
  • Grow Finance makes managing your company’s finances easy and convenient, and helps your business grow.

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