Proposals to the Director General of Statistics.

At the end of January, a meeting took place with the Director General of Statistics Estonia, where I conveyed the ideas that you wanted to change in the collection of statistical data. Thanks to everyone who submitted their suggestions.
The main topic was the poor transmission of statistical data and, as a result, the further plans of Statistics Estonia. In all likelihood, fines will be applied for non-submission of reports. The latter definitely causes headaches for data providers, especially in terms of unreasonable deadlines and the information collected. Entrepreneurs often have no need to collect the information needed by statistics. The latter, in turn, increases the administrative burden on entrepreneurs and increases resentment among entrepreneurial people.
If the Tax Board consulted with program producers on how €1,000 invoices could be imported into the portal, Statistics Estonia created a new report without discussing with entrepreneurs or program producers how to get information from the program.
At this point, the head of Statistics Estonia emphasized that their goal is to receive accounting data directly from the accounting program in the future, but this may not be a solution either, because many programs are complicatedly related to the group's units and the latter are not at all flexible enough to easily export something from there.

Below are now the answers from Statistics Estonia.

Ulvi Tallo


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