When the cost of a paper invoice exceeds the sales revenue

The one-cent invoice sent by Eesti energia by post was featured in Postimehe. Of course, the revenue from the invoice pales in comparison to the direct costs involved in its creation and delivery (paper, envelope, printing, mail).

It is a clear example of a paper document that has stood the test of time, as such. Yet, inexplicably, often giving up paper is just a way of thinking. As a first test, I recommend trying to get rid of the checks that are scattered around the wallet. You can find detailed instructions on our blog “Annoying accounting checks are a thing of the past”

The cost of Eesti Energia's specific paper invoice, which was originally indicated, is not important at all when considering the document mass of a large company. Apparently, they are making big strides towards paperless accounting, and the cost of a few silly exceptions is far less than eliminating those exceptions altogether. The article in question is located here: "Eesti Energia sent a one-digit invoice by post"